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As cute, fuzzy, and cuddly as your kitten may be, whether they’re sweet or sassy, kittens can get into potentially unsafe situations and items in your home in the blink of an eye. It’s important to ensure that your home is a safe place for your new kitten – for the animal and for your own mental well-being.

Not only can they get into unsafe items and situations, but kittens can be a little destructive. It’s part of how they explore the world and their surroundings. There are ways though, that you can get control over destructive kitten behaviors, like scratching furniture, eating plants, spraying (in male kittens), obsessive grooming (which can be a stress response).  There are many reasons kittens might engage in destructive behaviors, including trying to get your attention, curiosity, not getting enough activity or exercise.

Kitty Clique for Kittens

At Presidential Pet Care®, we can help to keep your kitten safe and help you understand what your fuzzy friend needs.

We’re starting a new feline wellness program for cats called Kitty Clique, which features special programs for both kittens and adult cats.  

The kitten wellness program is designed to encourage positive behavior in your pets, avoid destructive tendencies from taking root in the home, and to socialize your kitten so that they’re not skittish or destructive when people come to your home.

During this eight week program, we come to your home twice a week. Our staff members will start with a safety assessment, and meeting your cat, of course.  Over the next weeks, we will help you to avoid certain safety pitfalls and to help you teach your cat positive behaviors that will keep the cat safe and healthy.  

The kitten wellness program is designed for kittens from 12 weeks to two years.

Kitty Clique for Adult Cats

In addition to a kitten-centric socialization and training program, the Kitty Clique also has a component for adult cats, where we focus on socialization and ensuring that the home is free of hazards that your pet might get into.

Adult cats may develop occasional curiosity about the outside world, darting out to explore. Those are things that we can try to help you avoid. But, if you’ve adopted an adult cat who is skittish, the socialization piece of our program can be a game-changer.

Socialization for adult cats can be tricky. There are many things you can do to work on that. If it’s about other people, sometimes holding low-key parties or hanging out with people and almost ignoring the cat can be a good start. We don’t pressure the cat to do what we want them to, but they’ll probably get curious over time.  Sometimes it’s providing a place for them to hide when they’re overwhelmed; it’s also giving them exposure to people without pressure. You may even want to give them a high place to hide when they get overwhelmed.

We can also help your cat to stop scratching on EVERYTHING in sight. This may mean we offer suggestions to you about setting up space and toys that they’ll want to scratch, or setting up the area so they learn they don’t want to scratch.

A few tips to help your cat before joining the program:

There are a few habits that the humans in the household can create to make home safer for kitty before you jump into the Kitty Clique program:

  • Make sure the toilet lid is down. Cats are inquisitive creatures, and they’ll look for just about any source of water, to play in or to drink. Curious kittens may jump up on to the toilet seat and lean in, potentially falling in.
  • Keep the bathtub drain open. Again, the curiosity of kittens can lead to danger. Many love fresh water, and exploring new places. The bathtub is a great place for them to jump into, and a drippy faucet is a source of water, of course, but also a little bit of play. If a kitten somehow turns on the faucet in their play and the drain is closed, catastrophe could strike.
  • Make sure you’re disciplined about cleaning your cat’s litterbox. This is very important for young kittens. There are a variety of reasons your cat might not like his or her litterbox, but there are also things you can do to make it more appealing.
  • Secure blind pulls, computer cords, and electronics cords.  Cats like to chew. They tend to chew on anything the can find, and they also like to swat at anything that dangles. These cords and dangling strings can be a temptation, but also a safety hazard.
  • Consider your plants. Not all plants are healthy for pets. Lilies, daffodils, poinsettias, oleander, ficus, and holly berries are just a few of the plants that aren’t safe for a kitten.

More Information:

Whether or not your kitten or adult cat shows these behaviors, they could always benefit from socialization. That’s a huge benefit of the Kitty Clique program. To learn more about Kitty Clique, send a note to info@presidentialpetcare.com.

In addition to the Kitty Clique program, we also offer dog walking services, pet-sitting that allows for daily attention for your cat, and more. We practice force-free pet care services, along with fun for your pets.  To get started with Presidential Pet Care®, fill out our new client registration form.


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