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5 Ways to Have a Happy Hanukkah With Your Pets

Happy Hanukkah

Whether you are Jewish or just like celebrating the festival of lights with your friends and family members, we believe in making Hanukkah a pet-friendly experience! Here are 5 ways that you can have a Happy Hanukkah with your pets.

  1. Give them a special gift! Whether you give them a gift one night or on all eight, your pets will love that you thought of them. It could be a new leash, a toy or a special treat – regardless of what kind of special gift you give your pet, they will be happy to have something given with love.
  2. Keep your pets away from items they could choke on! Several Hanukkah traditions involve small items that could easily be picked up with your pet, mistaking it for a treat. Keep your pets away from small or hazardous items that they can choke on, such as dreidels, candles or coins.
  3. Don’t let your pet ingest any chocolate gelt! Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which are both hazardous to dogs and cats. These ingredients are particularly dangerous for cats and can result in death if ingested.
  4. Keep pets away from open flames! A menorah is essential for every Hanukkah celebration; be mindful of where you light your menorah and do not let your pets near open flames!
  5. Make them a tasty treat! Latkes typically contain onions and are fatty which aren’t healthy for pets, but there are several kosher dog treats out there that will satisfy your furry family such as these treats from


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