10 Reasons Why Cats Need Daily Visits

Anyone who has ever had a cat in their home knows that cats, much like humans, thrive with a routine and are generally happiest in their own environment.  When their pet parents head out of town, it’s important to keep cats happy and healthy in their own environment.

While cats are self-sufficient and don’t require multiple outdoor potty breaks each day, like their canine counterparts, cats should have a minimum of one visit every 24 hours for their mental and physical well-being.

Presidential Pet Care® requires a minimum of one visit every 24 hours for all feline clients.  We do not provide every-other-day visits, and there are a number of reasons for that!


Here are 10 Reasons Why Cats Should Have Daily Cat Sitting Visits:


  1. Cats like routine. If they’re used to getting up and having breakfast at 7 am when you’re at home, guess what they’ll expect when you’re away? Providing one to two visits each day with your cat will help maintain their regular routine so their internal schedule won’t get out of whack.
  2. They want a buddy to hang out with! Cats get bored and lonely too! Just because cats are independent doesn’t mean they aren’t social. Playing, talking, and actively engaging with them provides companionship.
  3. To monitor their eating and drinking habits. It’s not uncommon for pets to miss their family while they’re away, and it’s our duty as pet sitters to make sure that our feline friends are receiving proper nutrients and staying hydrated while their family is away. Lack of food or water for an extended period of can lead to malnutrition.  If a pet that is typically always eager to dive into their bowl is suddenly without an appetite, it could be a sign of something seriously wrong with their health.
  4. They could hurt themselves or get stuck somewhere! You’ve heard it before….cats are curious!  We’ve heard of kitties getting stuck in places that they can’t get out of. If a cat became stuck in a closet by accident and someone was only visiting every few days, not only would the cat not have access to food, water, or a litterbox, but they would probably feel trapped and afraid! This could lead to a serious injury and, in some cases, even death.
  5. They could accidentally ingest a harmful or poisonous substance. We have so many items in our households that are poisonous to pets, such as cleaning supplies or certain types of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Cats are small creatures and their bodies are more susceptible if ingesting harmful substances.
  6. Hairball prevention! Did you know that a long-haired cat should be brushed daily? Having a Caregiver visit your cat daily will allow more time for your cat to be brushed so they won’t be licking themselves a ton, which leads to hairballs.
  7. Playtime prevents boredom. Cats need mental stimulation and playing with them is a great way for them to keep their mind busy and expend some energy! If you don’t, there’s a good chance they’ll redirect that pent up energy elsewhere, such as your furniture.
  8. To prevent potty accidents around the house. Cats are clean animals, and if you don’t clean their litter box on a daily basis, they may find somewhere else in your home to relieve themselves.
  9. To make sure they’re safe at home. If someone else has access to your home, such as a cleaning service, they could accidentally leave a door cracked or not notice your cat slip out.
  10. They miss you!!! Cats can be extremely loving and affectionate creatures, and they will absolutely miss you while you’re out of town. By having a Caregiver come visit your cat daily, it will remind them that they are not alone and that you care enough about them to make sure they have a buddy while you’re away.



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